Matt DeMello & The Significant Looks have been busy with new single, Don’t Mind If I Do, which will be the first release from EP, Counterpoint, which we should look forward to in Autumn.

Matt spoke with The Fountain about their love for Halloween, what we can expect from their new EP and their favourite gig.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what can we expect?

This song is really the gift that keeps on giving. We actually cut almost four minutes from the original track, which included an extra bridge and guitar solo. I know legends like Lou Reed and such have complained about having their songs cut down for radio, but that was so cool for me listening to all the different versions of Sweet Jane as a teenager. Like a lot of Springsteen’s early stuff, I love having those layers between the official discography and live performances: extra verses, extra details… things to give the audience a rabbit hole to go down. I imagine we’ll throw that extended version up on Soundcloud and the like in the next month or so.

TF: And you have an EP scheduled for release too, when can we look forward to that?

The EP will be out this fall, looking around Halloween time. The lead single channels a lot of classic rock tropes but I’m hoping this high-energy rock just gets across that we’re really devoted to pop structure and crafty nuances in the songs, because many of the other songs on the EP are much more musically adventurous. We’re excited to release material in the meantime that shows we’re swinging from the fences both sonically (using a full string-section for a track, my first time ever) and in social commentary. You’ll have to stay tuned to get what I mean by that. 😉

TF: Will you be touring with Don’t Mind If I Do soon? Are we to have the pleasure of seeing you live?

Right now, everyone is all-hands-on-deck for wrapping up this EP, which is not finished. It’s been a crazy year so far, but I just really wanted this song out and in the world before we got any later in the summer, whether or not we could tour behind it. Before the album comes out though, we’ll have done weekend jaunts up and down the east coast US. Maybe in a year or two that’ll be the momentum that gets us back packing around Europe. Say, you guys know some couches we can crash on?

TF: And of course it is that time of year, are you performing at lots of festivals this summer?

We’re not quite breaking the festivals circuit at this point in our career, but as a huge My Morning Jacket fan, I’d like to think that’s where a lot of this high-energy side of the music belongs. I think we’re laying down the groundwork right now in playing bars. Last year we did a crazy set on Halloween at Lantern Hall in Brooklyn, played nearly two hours, full of Rocky Horror and other spooky covers. That’s a paltry set by most jam band standards, but we had people dancing on chairs and it was sensational. Being smack dab between the city and Woodstock, I’m hoping festival bookers start catching wind of this stuff.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

So hard to pick! I had to bag groceries for a little while to keep paying for rehearsal space while we got ready for Halloween last year. And even when it was all over, I honestly had no regrets. It was especially great because we got to play with my friend Katie Solo (aka guitarist Katie Battastoni) who guested on our versions of Magic Man by Heart and Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio. We even teased a little bit of Children of the Grave by Sabbath for the occasion. The band transitioning through some line-up changes overall, and stress ran high, but I’ve never left a show with a greater feeling that I got the most out of climbing every step of that mountain. I hope everyone else did! My band loves Halloween as an institution, I’m sure they did.