Songstress Ivy Paige, who recently appeared on ITV1’s The Voice in front of millions, returns to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Assembly Rooms for the month of August with her new show Seduction.

Ivy spoke with The Fountain about her top tips for performers as well as the driving force behind this cabaret show.

TF: You are performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, how exciting? The show certainly sounds intriguing, what is the premise?

Following in the footsteps of Masters and Mistresses of Seduction that include Casanova, Cleopatra, Don Juan and Camila Parker Bowles (!), I intend to seduce you in an all out assault on the senses. Exploring in detail the art of seduction, the games we play, the different types of seducer and how we can use the art of seduction to get what we want. The show will feature original music co-written by Pete Saunders (Dexy’s Midnight Runners) alongside interesting covers that include Madonna, Kylie and of course the song that caused headlines, Why Don’t You Do Right by Peggy Lee.

The word, Seduction originates from Latin and means to ‘Lead Astray’ which is exactly what I intend to do to you! Fun, flirty and fabulous the show is feast of sensuality and seduction and will definitely leaving you wanting more…

TF: And what drove the project, where did your influences lie?

I draw my inspiration from many different areas. I live by the idea that your biggest competition is yourself so it’s important to continue to develop, grow and challenge yourself as an artist. This year and in particular this show I have been inspired by the idea of the notion of seduction. As an artist that has become synoumous with seducing my audience (Their words not mine lol) I wanted to explore the theme in more detail and that for me is through comedy, live music and cabaret. Seduction and seducers and have made up some of the greatest stories and scandals of history so I like to think I am just keeping the tradition alive…

TF: What are your plans for the Fringe, having been before are there any tips or musts you would offer to first-time performers?

Cobbled paths and high heels are a dangerous mix. Wear your Louboutins with pride and get taxis.

Don’t forget to network. For those invariable late night show conversations at The Abbotoire or Loft Bar, develop an “I am interested in your show” face. I find a gentle tilt of the head, occasional nodding accompanied by various different answers such as “Yes, the reviewer is probably only seventeen. What do they know?” or “Yes, the rain is definitely having an effect on audiences this year” will at least give you some semblance of being interested.

What goes on in Edinburgh, doesn’t stay in Edinburgh. Social media means that what goes on in Edinburgh, everyone else will know about within seconds. Of course, all publicity is good publicity so get ahead of the game and start some salacious self-serving rumours before you leave. I have already started a few of my own, for example: you-know-who has been seen at all of Ivy Paige’s shows, Ivy Paige is up for an award, Ivy Paige has just been cast in a Hollywood movie etc etc

Prepare to flyer like you’ve never flyered before. Not everyone will have legions of minions to hand out their flyers like yours truly so I advise carefully planning your flyering strategies. I suggest avoiding the swarms of over-enthusiastic drama students on the Royal Mile who are so happy one can only assume they are on MDNA. Instead, go through the Fringe brochure, identify similar shows and go exit flyer their audiences. Failing that I find that high heels, stockings, red lipstick and a pushup bra are more than enough to entice an audience in (this goes for the boys too).

TF: Is there anything you are keen to see whilst in Edinburgh?

I have been to fringe many times before, hard to believe I know as I’m only twenty-one. The Fringe festival is the biggest arts festival in the world with shows 24/7. Which means when I’m not performing I will be spending my time watching some of my favourite performers and discovering new ones. Particular artistes I am looking forward to seeing this year are, Ruby Wax, Stephen K Amos, Dusty Limits and Myra Dubois. I also like to let flyerers convince me to go to shows it’s a great way to see shows that you may have not seen in the brochure.

TF: And what are your future plans beyond The Fringe?

The ultimate dream is to perform my show in Las Vegas. Directly after Edinburgh I will probably jet off somewhere and collapse on a beach for two weeks, although being a redhead I will be sticking to the shade with my factor fifty on! Next year sees my show going on a National Tour so after Edinburgh it will be full steam ahead on planning and prepping for the Seduction Tour. So make sure you visit my website and book tickets!

Ivy Paige: Seduction, Assembly – George Square Gardens – The Bubble, 10.40pm,4th – 26th August (except 13th)