Welsh born Danielle Lewis’ objective for her new EP Live Forever, released July 6th, was clear. She wanted to create music that was honest and authentic, and with a Cian Ciaran (from Super Furry Animals) remix on the cards we should keep Danielle on the radar.

Danielle spoke with The Fountain about what she would do if she lived forever, the new video release and the new remix.

TF: You have a new video release, you must be ecstatic?

I couldn’t wait to bring Live Forever to film, it’s such a powerful, ethereal piece. The video portrays a raw emotionality.

TF: And what more is scheduled for the year, an EP release, or an LP release?

To follow the Live Forever EP I will be releasing a very special remix by Cian Ciaran from Super Fury Animals. I’m excited to share this collaboration!

TF: And will you be touring with this new single, Live Forever?

I have been getting the band together, who have been amazing so you never know. Very soon.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

I recently saw The Rolling Stones in Cardiff and the energy on and off stage was incredible. Simply classic.

TF: And what would you do if you lived forever?

Keep singing and making records.