Daniel Knight has released new single Breakthrough and has an EP set for release next month with the same title. Northampton’s singer/songwriter has often been found busking or playing a festival or twa but here he is talking with The Fountain about his bizarre gig playing to dolls, his decision to move away from acoustic and what plans are in store for the summer.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what can we expect?

I started off as an acoustic artist with just my guitar and vocals but have always loved electric guitars and the full band sound so I decided to step away from acoustic and go more into a pop/rock feel like that of Kings of Leon and the Stereophonics.

TF: And you have an EP scheduled for release too, when can we look forward to that?

Friday the 3rd August, I’m so excited and over half of the tickets have already sold. It’s going to be a great night with support from some amazing bands too.

TF: And will you be touring with Breakthrough soon, are we to have the pleasure of seeing you live?

I haven’t currently got a tour planned but after seeing how successful this launch party is going I think it’s definitely on the cards and could change very soon.

TF: And of course it is that time of year, are you performing at lots of festivals this summer? What has been your favourite gig to date?

Yes, I have loads of festivals still to perform at and am even performing at the Silverstone grand prix on race day. My favourite and weirdest gig was a private one. However, it was like no other gig I’ve ever played. I pulled up to a mansion house just outside of my hometown Northampton and it was dark and looked very scary as there were a number of shadowy figures looking out of every window. I’m not going to lie, I did get really scared and thought about turning around and leaving. However I built up my courage to knock on the door and a lovely lady opened the door (even if it was really slowly adding to the suspense) but I was instantly relaxed with how friendly she was. She showed me to the room in which I was playing and all of a sudden shock hit me as I soon realised what those figures were. The room I was playing in and was also my audience for the evening was a room full of human size dolls, I would say thirty plus of them. It ended up being more like a rehearsal for me but the lady spoke to the dolls as if they were real, bringing them food and drink too. I could never forget that gig and although it was weird it’s stuck in my mind and makes me laugh so for that reason it’s my favourite.