Transatlantic pop lass Piney Gir returns with a glossy new number The Great Pretend, which is certainly one to be played through this mid-summer heatwave. Melodic art-rock with enough hooks to keep it catchy, Piney Gir’s new track is worth the listen.

Piney spoke with The Fountain about supporting Gaz Coombes, her favourite gig at Glastonbury and what more we can expect in 2018.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what can we expect?

It is exciting! The Great Pretend is an angular take on art-pop with a beachy twist… it was inspired by a crazy night spent in Malibu with some fabulous people and is about living the dream and not always feeling worthy of that dream, but trying to celebrate each moment when you can. B-side, Spirit Away goes a bit grungy and is inspired by Japanese Manga comics. Happy Go Lucky Girl is a dream pop cover of an traditional reggae song by John Holt, I like to do a cover that totally reinvents the original.

TF: And you are also touring with Gaz Coombes, the lead from Supergrass, you must be stoked?

I’m super stoked! Gaz is on his third solo album now but I guess he’ll always be Gaz from Supergrass. He’s an amazing songwriter and it means a lot to me that he likes what I do, he’s a bit of a hero and I feel really blessed to get the chance to open for him. His fans kinda seem to get what I do too, so it’s great to meet new people and hopefully turn them on to my music too!

TF: And are you going to get the opportunity to play up north soon?

I just did some gigs in the north Carlisle, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds and Lincoln, I’m playing Leicester tonight and Stoke tomorrow (I guess those are more Midlands). I just played Norwich and will be playing Dreamland in Margate at the weekend. There will be more UK touring from me later in the year October kinda time, so will defo head back up North again.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

I have had so many fun times it’s very hard to choose my favourite gig, but I guess the oddest gig might have been when I played the Park Stage at Glastonbury and the rabbit from The Rabbit Hole hopped up on stage with us wearing nothing but his fuzzy rabbit head. Me and my band had been up all night getting Glastonburied and it felt like a really raucous, wild gig. We are all playing really hard, going for it, playing our hearts out! Kate Moss was stood at the side of the stage dancing and it was like, are we an ‘it’ band? (for a minute it felt like it).

TF: And what are your future plans for the year, an EP, an LP?

I have The Great Pretend out next week, another single to be announced in October and full album early next year. That’s the plan, so watch this space, fact fans, for more on that front!


The Great Pretend is out today.