North London’s Natalie Shay has a new single out with Perfume, a synthesized pop track, a summer anthem, and will soon hit us with the new video.

After speaking with Natalie earlier in the year we caught up with her again about another new release.

TF: You have a new single out, how exciting, what can we expect from that?

A fresh new sound for me. A fun indie pop eighties themed song with a great music video (which will be coming out very soon!).

TF: The track is titled Perfume, what inspired the title?

I chose the title right near the end of the process. It’s actually a lyric from the second verse right before the pre chorus.

TF: And what perfume do you like to wear?

At the moment, Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger.

TF: What are your plans post single release, an EP, an LP, summer festivals and gigs? And what has been your favourite gig to date, Natalie?

I would love to play some festivals! Deffo some more songs. My favourite gig to date was at Under the Bridge, for Music Week magazine supporting JP Cooper, one of the most exciting nights.