Where Now From Here?, the Cable Street Collective’s newest EP release, represents a significant step forward for the band, who’ve ditched live drums in favour of programmed loops, and synths to elevate their style of music to suit more electronic tastes.

The band spoke with The Fountain about their favourite mud bath festival, and what more we can expect from the Cable Street Collective.

TF: A new EP release, how exciting, what can we expect?

Rollicking beats, driving baselines, and ’sunshine guitars’ according to one review! Tom Robinson says we ‘groove like a b*st**d.’ There’s a big African influence as two of the original members grew up in Swaziland and Malawi, listening to Congolese soukous and South African music. But we’re essentially an indie band, with upbeat music, which will hopefully make you want to dance your arse off.

TF: And how is it to now be full band, there are what, now, like six members?

Yeah, there’s been a few shuffles. The band used to be a bit Jackson 5 (with Ash being the odd one out) but for the last eighteen months or so we’ve been a solid six. Tristan, Ash and Fiona go way back. Dan Cat produced the first demo EP and he was the obvious choice when we decided to change to programmed beats. Then Tristan played with Sam and Aaron in Mozambican band Nelson & Friends, and thought ‘fuck me, these guys are amazing.’ It’s a very chilled group. When we can, we love a good horn section too, so we can go up to nine on special occasions

TF: Are you going to be promoting this with a tour, are we likely to see you play live in Scotland soon?

We had a launch party at the Vortex Jazz Bar which was amazing, and we’ve got a fair few festivals and gigs booked over the summer but sadly no plans to come to Scotland as yet – (it’s a long way in Tristan’s Popemobile/Postman Pat van)- but my Dad’s from Inverness so I would love to play in Scotland.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

We have had some belting gigs at Secret Garden Party. Arguably the favourite was on an incredibly wet weekend a few years ago. The whole festival was a total mud bath and our bassist at the time was on crutches, so dropped out of the gig. Our mate Alex was playing a kind of multi-instrumentalist vibe for us at the time, but happens to be more than a little handy on the bass. So the show went on. We had half an hour to practise backstage and on we went.

It was heaving down with rain outside and the Rhumba Rum Bar was packed to the rafters. The place went off and everyone was having a blast. To cap it all off, a guy who had played trumpet with us a couple of times previously rocked up on stage (off his bonce I might add) and jammed a track.

There was a kind of spontaneity to the thing. From the ashes of adversity grew one of our favourite ever gigs.

And where do you guys think, where now from here?

Haha…who bloody knows? We’re currently working on a crop of new songs and we like to evolve so the jury’s out!

Cable Street Collective’s new EP Where Now From Here? is out now.