The Coconut Festival was set up six years ago, as there was a severe shortage of gigs and music venues in Saintes, France, and is still going strong with acts such as Anna Burch and This Is The Kit lined up to perform.

Amaury Ranger, who programmes the festival, spoke to The Fountain about what can be expected from Coconut, who is on the bill this year, and what makes the festival unique.

TF: How would you sum up the Coconut Festival?

The Coconut Music Festival is run by a bunch of local kids, passionate about music. We grew up in this small town called Saintes in the South West of France where there was no venue to see pop music live. So we decided to create our own festival, inviting bands we loved from all over. This is all about local, you can eat local food, drink local booze, listen to great music and have fun.

TF: And who is on the bill this year, who can we look forward to performances from?

It’s pretty busy this year. We’re inviting a crew of rappers from Belgium doing very well at the moment. Their shows are pretty intense. Also we have a few acts from Ed Banger, Justice’s record label. Pedro Winter, the label boss who previously managed Daft Punk, is doing a DJ set. We also have the ‘voguing’ star Kiddy Smile as well, and the amazing Flavien Berger who is like a young, psychedelic Etienne Daho.

I’m also really looking forward to seeing band called Mauskovic Dance Band signed to the British label, Soundway. They are all brothers. And of course Mdou Moctar, the young Prince of Niger. And, as always, we’re having the best of the British pop scene: This is the Kit and Halo Maud and Anna Burch both signed to Heavenly recordings.

TF: And who are you personally looking forward to hearing?

This young Greek star called Johan Papaconstantino. His music is like a fresh wave, which’ll definitely turn the crowd on fire. and also Bamao Yendé. For me he’s the most exciting DJ/producer in France at the moment.

TF: How long has Coconut been running for and what are your long term plans?

It’s been six years now that we’ve been running the festival, but it’s been ten years this year Coconut has been running events. I hope it can last forever. It’s all about passion and friendship. These things never end right?

TF: And what makes Coconut different from any other festival out there?

It’s all about the people you know, you can see kids and older people together having fun. You know it’s not so common for a music festival like this in France. And also the location makes it amazing, this Abbey is the dream location for a festival, it’s so beautiful and we make it look even more gorgeous.
And where else can you eat Oysters and drink Cognac all day?!

The Coconut Music Festival runs from 6th – 9th September 2018 in Saintes, France.