Inspired by the likes of Portishead, Radiohead and James Blake, Up is the Down is the will soon be releasing new album, Forward Always, breeding internal dialogue, attempting to find solutions with this cruel society.

Andrew Martin spoke with The Fountain about the album, his plans for the rest of the year, and his favourite gigs to date.

TF: A new album release, there is much to be excited about?

Yes absolutely! This is my third release as Up is the Down is the. A new album feels like sending a child out into the world. You’ve birthed it, you’ve raised it, you’ve supported it, and now you hope it’s going to be able to stand on two feet and be a productive human being. You hope for the best haha.

TF: And with the new LP, what can we expect from that?

I have the hardest time describing my music, so here are three adjectives. Smooth, anxious, heartfelt.

Forward Always started as frustration and saying “what now?”. When I sat down and listened to the completed album, it ended up being ten songs of internal conversation, processing, and questioning. How can something so divisive and cruel be the norm? Fact vs opinion? Why are my female friends and family treated as second class citizens? Am I becoming numb to the all the antics from the American government? These are terrifying questions, but they are questions that every human asks.

The first and last song are book ends. The first song is almost like a call to arms, “No more fear, and no more doubt. Forward Always!” The last song is a hopefully warning about becoming stagnant and lost, “walking in circles keeps us moving, but never really takes us where we’re going. Where are you going? Forward always.”

TF: And what have your musical influences been with this album?

Radiohead’s Amnesiac, King Krule, Sampha, Rhye, James Blake, Portishead.

TF: What other plans have you for the rest of the year?

I will be putting out the album in June and I’ll be touring as much as I can through July and August.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

My favourite gig is torn between two shows, either playing in my hometown to a packed room where everyone sat on the floor and was intently listening the entire show, or performing at the amazing Treefort Music Fest in Boise, ID.

Forward Always is released digitally on 20th June.