With a new album out, a recent gig at Glasgow’s Broadcast, there is much happening for French band, The Limiñanas. Shadow People came out via Because Music, with head nods to Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot.

The band spoke with The Fountain about who these Shadow People are, recording in Anton Newcombe’s studio as well as their favourite gig to date.

TF: A new album title Shadow People, who are these Shadow People?

It’s a myth, the shaow people are presences, beings from another dimension we think we see from the blink of an eye but disappear once we try to look at them or photograph them. It’s not ghosts there, but rather visitors from another world.

TF: And what can we expect from that, how would you sum that up in one sentence?

Since we recorded in Costa Blanca, we got use to scenarize our records. To structure them with a beginning, a middle and an end. It’s not a concept album. The record tells the story of a kid arriving to school in the nineties and fins his place in the groups from school… The punk, the skins, the rude boys… they will accompany him for all his life. He will feel their presence, respect some dogmas… these are the Shadow People

TF: And where did you draw your band name inspiration from?

It’s my family name. My parents are of Spanish origin and lived in North Africa. They were born in Algeria. To call ourselves The Limiñanas was also to parody The Ramones and all these bands that use their family names. We are big fans of The Ramones and we needed a name to create our “myspace” 10 years ago ! I just wanted my grand brother in Paris to be able to listen to a few demos. I was sure that the Limiñanas would make him laugh.

TF: How has it been working with Anton, in his studio?

We arrived with 75% of the record sketched (musically). We needed some texts, except for Istanbul is Sleepy. We did the album again in Anton’s studio with his great sound engineer Andrea Wright, and Marie recorded  her drums again there. From there, Anton was in and out of the studio, listened, was taking a guitar or would turn on his mellotron and would do some takes, arrangements. It’ very easy to work with him. He is very talented and generous, altruistic… And he is a great musician ! we didn’t speak about a sound in general or a direction to take… This album got built easily, in a few days.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

The concert in London we did last autumn with Andrew Weatherall at Oslo Hackney and the one in Paris at the Trianon one month ago. It was very emotional for us for many reasons… the main reason being the welcoming of the crowd… we weren’t expecting it