The Equatorial Group will release a harmonic mix of soundscapes with new album, Apricity, which was recorded at Echo Zoo Studios Eastbourne, and is set for release on 25th May 2018.

The band spoke with The Fountain about the realities of the costs of recording the LP, performing at The Observatory Science Centre and where their name travelled from.

TF: A debut album release, you must be nervously anticipating the response? And what was it like to work with At The Helm Records?

We’re so excited to finally have completed our first album (it’s taken six years of playing together to get to this point!). So far, the response has been great from the many radio shows that have given us an airing – Jeremy from At The Helm is doing PR and distribution for us (the album is self-released), and we’ve had a lot of airplay over the past few weeks since he sent our promo discs out, which has been great. It’s been really interesting to see which tracks people have chosen to play! We’re really proud of what we’ve created, and we’re grateful that people are taking the time to listen, and give their thoughts – there are a lot of things we’d do differently next time anyway, so all criticism is really useful to us. We may not be a young band, but this whole process is a very new experience for most of us!

TF: And are you scheduled to promote this new record with a tour?

We don’t have a tour planned just yet, but we do have a nice run of gigs ahead locally. To be honest, the financial implications of making the record mean that we all need to stick to our day jobs for the time being! But we really hope to take our music further afield if the album is received well elsewhere.

TF: Can we expect any gigs north of the border?

We would absolutely love to play in Scotland, and we are keen to record in a more remote location next time, so perhaps we could combine the two?!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

We’re really lucky to have played for brilliant audiences at some lovely venues over the years, but the most memorable must be last June when we played at The Observatory Science Centre. Our name comes from the group of telescopes which reside in the domes of the science centre so we were thrilled to be invited to play amongst all that astronomical history! It was a perfect mid-summer evening, and 175 people came to see us playing outside on the lawns, and then had the chance to look through the telescopes as darkness fell. It was a truly magical evening for everyone.

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