MOD CON have released new album, Modern Convenience back in April via Poison City Records, and have been performing across Australia to promote the album.

The band spoke with The Fountain about their hopes to come play in Scotland and where the inspiration for the band name came from.

TF: A debut album out already, you guys must be ecstatic?

Yes, Modern Convenience is our first record and we delighted that it’s out and people seem to be into it. It’s the final part of the creative process actually having the songs out in the world and taking on a life of their own. Playing the album launch shows has been a great way to celebrate!

TF: And what inspired the band name MOD CON?

A lot of the lyrical themes in our songs question the nature of the modern world – is it a burden, a clean slate, a joke? The name sort of sprang out of conversations about this. Of course mod cons in commercial language are ‘modern conveniences’- your washing machines and smart phones and microwaves. But a con is also a trick… the name is true to our writing style, thinking about the big picture but also being tongue in cheek.

TF: And you are scheduled to play some gigs in Australia but are we likely to see you in Scotland anytime soon?

We’ve just had a really fun tour up the east coast of Australia launching the record… we would love to play in Scotland! Hopefully an opportunity arises. I’ve been through Edinburgh twice before and had an incredible time.

TF: Have you performed here before and how do you find the reception?

As we’re a new band, we’ve only just played our first interstate shows in Australia but fingers crossed we’ll be getting our passports stamped in the not too distant future!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

The last twelve months have been particularly wonderful and the recent album launch shows have been incredibly humbling and exciting meeting all the people who love the record. But we also did a run of really fun, messy shows at the time of writing the album where some ideas were hashed out live. It was great having freedom to be creative with no expectations.