The students of Riverside Music College launched a new compilation of work, Tiger Collections album, which is a new record that brings together some of the best new and unsigned Scottish independent music around today. Featuring fourteen bands from all over Scotland, the artists on the album were selected by the Riverside Music students as part of their HND Music Business Course in Glasgow and is released on their own Little Tiger Records on 1st June 2018.

Edwin Organ, featured on the album with track Royal Rumble, spoke to The Fountain about the involvement and what we can expect from him this summer.

TF: You are included in a new compilation release, you must be excited?

I am very excited. Lots of good music with some well fed, oxygenated bands.

TF: And you just recently performed at the established Stag & Dagger, that must have been a hoot?

Yes it was a level ten hoot. The crowd were very nice and did lots of clapping. It was a wholesome experience.

TF: You guys just performed in the CCA to launch this compilation, what did we miss?

Nine tunes (I think). Two hats, one regular sized guitar and one stretchy guitar. The odd gyrating hip and too many cables for me to feel comfortable around.

TF: And aside from this record what else are you presently working on, are we likely to see you on the festival circuit this summer?

Currently I’ve writing a lot of shred tracks. Trying to bridge the gap between pop and shred is often difficult but I like to think that with the right amount of passion and seltzer water you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

If you mean gig I’ve played I would say Electric Fields. But if you mean gig I have attended I would go for Vulfpeck because they are real musicians and I am just a man-boy with ideas tucked away in the grey mass lurking behind my eyes, desperately trying to make sense of the world and my own fleeting morality.