The Wave Pictures are back with new single Jim, which is from new LP, Brushes With Happiness, which is out in June via Moshi Moshi. Along with their largest London show on the horizon much is happening for the band, and they will also stop off on tour at both Edinburgh’s Sneaky Petes (14th June) and Glasgow’s CCA (15th).

Dave Tattersall from the band spoke with The Fountain about how impossible it is to choose a favourite gig, how he finds Glasgow and Edinburgh both pleasing and the autonomy they receive from Moshi Moshi.

TF: A new album release, you must be brushing with happiness?

Yes, we are really happy at the moment. We all love the album we’ve made! And we’re all looking forward to going on tour and kicking some songs around on stage. We did a Riley session last night from Maida Vale in London. It was like a party – everyone was in such a good mood about things.

TF: And you are promoting it with a full tour including Edinburgh’s Sneaky Petes and Glasgow’s CCA, what reception do you get from the Scottish crowd?

Very good. Two of the best cities in the world in my opinion, and the crowds are great. I used to live in Glasgow and I still really love the city. I’ve got family in Edinburgh too, so it feels like a home away from home to me as well. I really love both cities. Fantastic cities to walk around.

TF: And where did you draw the inspiration for your album title?

It comes from something someone said to me that I liked a lot. It’s a direct quote in the song. I think I sing ”she said”. I might be wrong.

TF: What is it like to be working with Moshi Moshi?

It’s fantastic! They give us complete artistic control, which is what we need. They’ve never interfered in any way with the music that we like to make.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

In my whole life? Blimey, that’s an impossible question. We’ve had a lot of really great gigs, and the odd nightmare, but it’s extremely rare for me to not enjoy it. We always endeavour to keep everything as spontaneous as possible, so we don’t use setlists, we take solos, we do different songs every night. You could come to see us three times in a row and see three completely different shows. I love playing live and I almost always enjoy it. Now, sometimes soundmen (and women) do everything in their power to f**k up the show. That’s a problem and at times an insufferable one. Sometimes you can’t have a good show no matter what you do because the soundman (or woman) is a raving lunatic. We’ve never been in a position to afford our own sound person to travel with us, so you’re at the mercy of strangers every night. Usually, it works out completely fine. Sometimes we have to have an argument with them. Sometimes that’s every single day! But usually it’s fine. Most of the soundpeople are absolutely brilliant. But, I bring this up just to say that I couldn’t choose one gig because I have a great time at nineteen out of every twenty shows that I play, and that one in twenty that sucks balls is only terrible because of some maniac doing the sound and fucking it up!