Salford “ghost-gaze” band Carousel Clouds are delighted to announce their debut album, Tales of Coincidence, which is out now, on Ranch Records. Featuring current and former members of the likes of ill, Bone-Box, Tom Hingley, Optional Wallace, GULF and Liines, the band choose their name with their fluid membership policy in mind.

They spoke with The Fountain about what more we can expect from them, working with  Ranch Records and their favourite gig.

TF: A debut album release, ecstatic stuff?

Indeed. It has been a long road to get to this point, but to have a physical copy of the album, which had existed in our heads for so long, is incredibly rewarding. We are immensely proud of it, how it sounds, how it looks, how it has been received, but also just it existing at all. It is not often that all members can get together – we were never all in the same room during recording of this record – and so it was written in stages. There were many long, dark nights in the practice room, working through things with various people and parts missing, just imagining what it will sound like once all of us are together and completing the sound. It took a lot of endurance, persistence and imagination!

TF: And what more can we expect from you this year, will you be touring with this album at all?

We have a few dates scheduled and planned, but again due to everyone’s commitments it can be tricky to plan lots of shows. Having said that, we do love to perform live, and so if people want to hear it, then we will come and play.

We have started, and almost finished the writing for another record, and so, even when we can’t all get together for live shows, we can be working again in smaller groups on the next record. We hope to start recording by the end of the year, so 2019 could see more finished music.

TF: And what tales of coincidence do you have for us?

Lots! The title is taken from a line in ‘Believe’, which is a ghost story. I went on a ghost walk night, a tour of places notorious for supernatural sightings and historic events. I was watching some of the other guests on the tour, with various contraptions, detection devices, and degrees of assurance, as they either saw things… or thought they did. The ‘coincidence’ idea was me rationalising things; But then why would the human mind convince itself of something which it itself knows is implausible or impossible? I was toying with those contradictions.
The idea seemed to fit into the theme throughout the record; ghosts, sprits, ideologies, beliefs, political distortions… lots of things which could be put down to being a ‘coincidence’ when it suits an agenda, or when someone is just telling tales.

TF: What has it been like working with Ranch Records?

Ranch Records have been great. We have known them for many years and they are part of our wider circle, and so just let us take full control for the music and the releases. We’re working with them again for the next record.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

We put on our own show recently to celebrate releasing the record, in Manchester. It was a very triumphant evening for us, as we were so proud to have the album finished, and available for people to hear. The venue, crowd, support acts, everything was fantastic, and so we had a joyous night. We had a great time on stage, and some lovely feedback, plus this very kind review