The video for Strange, Ay Wing’s most recent track taken from her EP, Ice Cream Dream, has had recent release, highlighting that the track is about the social media driven times we live in.

The Berlin-based musician spoke with The Fountain about her alter ego and they unexpected hush when performing in Edinburgh’s Usher Hall.

TF: A new video release, ecstatic stuff?

Of course! Transforming songs I’ve worked on for ages into moving pictures gives me the opportunity to create a new dimension to my art and lure my audience deeper into my music.

TF: And what more can we expect from you this year?

There will be another EP soon and music video releases and more shows across Europe. Exciting times!

TF: And what was the basis for the single?

Strange tries to find humour in an age where many of our own identities seem based on insta-filters and the right angle. However Instagram and social media are part of our reality and therefore we need to find the right way to handle them. Strange is my own personal take on how to navigate this very peculiar part of our existence.

TF: What inspired the name, Ay Wing?

It’s a variation on my real name, because I wanted to create an Alter Ego without losing myself and what I stand for. So basically she is a crazier version from an alternate universe that allows me to feel free and daring on stage.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

That’s a tough question. We recently played at the beautiful Usher Hall in Edinburgh for Sofar Sounds. That was a very unexpected experience. The audience was incredibly attentive – there was no talking whatsoever during the gig, only careful listening and gracious feedback afterwards. As a pop music artist I rarely find myself in situations where people show up to a gig not to be seen or to socialise, but only for their love of discovering new music, whether it fits their personal taste or not.