Sascha Osborn has released a contemplative track from album out later in 2018, Looking Out and After. Produced by Patrick Wood, Could It Be You showcases her wavering vocals, and cyclic guitar chords, and gives us a taster of what we can expect from her LP.

Sascha spoke with The Fountain about working with Patrick Wood and various other musicians as well as her plans for later in the year.

TF: A new single release, you must be excited?

Yes, I’m really excited. My first and last release was in 2015, my debut EP Love Finds You so it’s great to now be sharing new material. Could It Be You is a reflective love song, a jar of contemplation! The lyrics were written one lunchtime on a park bench overlooking the River Thames having recently discovered and being inspired by Frank O’Hara’s Lunch Poems a fabulous pocket collection of poetry.

TF: And we are to expect more from you later in the year?

Absolutely, I’m releasing a number of singles over the next few months from my debut album, Looking Out and After which will be released in Autumn 2018 which I’m super excited about.

TF: And what has it been like to work with Patrick Wood?

Amazing, I feel so lucky to work with him, there is a strong musical synergy and love of similar artists and sounds. When we recorded my debut EP it was like my pencil sketches become watercolours which was a wonderful experience. Recording songs for the album was an extension of this creative journey and I’m delighted that it also introduces the musical personalities of Patrick on guitars, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, piano, Roy Dodds on drums and percussion and Simon Edwards on double and electric bass, all fabulous musicians. If, the EP is a watercolour, then to me the album is an oil painting weaving shades of hope, loss, change, love and reflection.

TF: Are you going to be promoting this with a tour, are we likely to see you play live soon?

I will be playing a number of gigs over the next few months and am currently planning a tour to promote the album late Summer/Autumn, which hopefully will include some Scottish dates, so will be sharing details soon.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

I have fond memories of my debut EP launch upstairs at The Betsy Trotwood in Clerkenwell, so perhaps my favourite as it was my first ‘Hey this is me!’ gig. It was a personal and intimate experience with a wonderful audience and fabulous sound. If I’m allowed a second, it would be at The Dublin Castle in Camden, where I was playing to raise funds, donations and awareness of The Calais Jungle, which was a really successful and heartfelt night.