The New Division, alias of John Glenn Kunkel, have just released new wave-synth track, Jealous, and with a new EP out in May, Kunkel has been busy. Fader will indulge with electronic soundscapes and atmospheric rhythms.

John spoke with The Fountain about where the name originated from, even though he has previously performed with Peter Hook in the past.

TF: A new single release, you must be ecstatic?

Yes, I really am. Extremely excited.

TF: And are we likely to see more of that this year, or perhaps an EP or an album even?

Of course, we’ll be releasing Fader, which comes on May 11th.

TF: And what inspired the name, The New Division, seems like a merge of Joy Division and New Order to me?

It’s definitely a merger of sorts. The idea to do this came from a book I was reading in an economics class titled, The New Division of Labour. Seeing that title gave me the original idea.

TF: Are you going to be promoting this with a tour, are we likely to see you play live soon?

We’re working on an East Coast tour right now, so once that’s confirmed we’ll be announcing it!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

Personally it was opening for Peter Hook. Our show wasn’t that great due to some technical difficulties but I really loved opening for Hooky and meeting his whole band. They were amazing.