Catalonian singer-songwriter Joana Serrat has announced a handful of headlining shows for April, including Glasgow’s Hug and Pint, promoting new album Dripping Springs.

Last year she was performing at Celtic Connections and this year she is back after recording the album out in Israel Nash’ record studio, out in Dripping Springs, Texas. Joana spoke with The Fountain about her influences growing up as well as being signed to Loose.

TF: You excited about playing Glasgow’s Hug & Pint venue?

Sure, I love Glasgow and I love to come and play in this city. It’s always good. I was playing at Celtic Connections last year and it was amazing.

TF: What’s been your favourite gig to date?

Hard to tell… I just love being on tour and playing songs to audience. As long as people are interested in my singing, sharing the trip with me, it’s a good gig. I love to feel embraced by the audience, feel this communion.

TF: What music did you grow up listening to, formulating your taste and interest in music?

We grew up in an artistic home and both my siblings and I had a liberal education also in school. My grandpa is a saxophone player and a professional musician, he taught me the basics of music. My dad used to play all these beautiful records when we were kids and that had a deep impact on me. I could recognize a home and a shelter on that sound. I grew up listening to The Band, Travelling Willburys, Roy Orbison, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and many others.

TF: What inspired you to name your recent album Dripping Springs?

I had the most beautiful experience in my life making this album in Plum Creek Sound, Israel Nash’ recording studio where I made this album and it’s located in Dripping Springs, a city of Texas. It was cathartic and a revelation. I had to name it this way as an homage to these amazing professionals and people who joined me in this exciting trip.

TF: It must be fab to have your album released by the Loose label in the UK?

Oh yeah. I knew Loose and I was following their releases because I love their artists. So when my signing was confirmed I felt very fortunate.

Joana performs at Glasgow’s Hug and Pint on 5th April 2018.