Empress will be taking to the mic at Neu! Reekie!’s April Splash in the Old Dr Bells Baths in Edinburgh on 27th, joining Hannah Peel, William Letford and Speculative Books to collectively offer a great night in books and music, and spoken word. Offering fierce MCing there is much anticipation for Empress’ performance.

Empress spoke to The Fountain about the Scottish hip hop movement, her desire to see Hannah perform as well as her gig on a boat.

TF: You are performing in Neu! Reekie!’s April Splash, with the likes of Hannah Peel, that’s exciting?

It’s very exciting indeed! I feel honoured to be playing alongside other artists who take real joy in performing their art. It’s lovely to have been asked to perform at Neu Reekie.

TF: And who are you personally excited about seeing on the bill?

I am looking forward to all the artists to be fair, they each have their own style which will be very interesting, but I am personally excited to see Hannah Peel, such a talented soul.

TF: And considered one of the fiercest female MCs in Scotland, how do you feel that scene sits in Scotland at the present?

Well that’s awfully nice of you to say, thank you! I have been known to tear the proverbial roof off when I have a mic in my hand… I feel the Scottish hip hop movement has grown so much with rappers evolving with their writing and music as well as highlighting important messages out there – someone has to say it.

From listening to Scottish rap since I was fifteen, there’s so many diverse acts now which is brilliant to see! We’re supportive of each other in our own ways, competition is healthy and good but I feel we need to not see each other in that way all the time, (I compete with myself because there’s no one that can do it like I do…!) But, in the bigger picture if we pull together more, we will be stronger as a team and a movement. Seeing the growth of people through music is very inspiring. We have great pioneers and legends in the movement as well as exciting new talent.

TF: What can we expect from your performance on the 27th April?

You can expect big things!  Think Wrestlemania mixed with a Vegas fight night (haha!)  Jumping about, big bass, lights, lyrics and uber confidence. I will have Edinburgh bouncing!

TF: What has been your own personal favourite gig you have performed to date?

Every gig I have done so far has been an amazing experience to be honest. Being the first female on the Frontseat Freestyle with Jay was an experience I loved.
One of my favourite gigs was actually on a boat at midnight, one of my very first gigs. The whole place was tired and soaked to the bone, but by the time I got on the mic they were jumping around and having so much fun, it was amazing to see!

But… I have a feeling the lovely people of Edinburgh will give them a good run for their money on the 27th!
Come and show me what you’ve got Edinburgh!!

For tickets and more information about Neu! Reekie!’s April Splash click here.