Meraki Records’ Dead Fiction released new single, No Time, on 30th March, putting out something punky, rocky, “dirty” and are super excited at doing so.

The band spoke with The Fountain about their influences and touring Scotland.

TF: A new single release, you must be excited?

Aye, we’re super excited to release No Time. It’s been a fun journey over the last year playing, writing, and even just hanging out together. I hadn’t seen Robbie (drummer) in about five years and I got a phone call out of the blue around March last year from him, telling me that he had just set up a wee studio and was wondering if I was keen to make a record together. We chatted and came to the conclusion that something quite fuzzy, dirty, grungy, maybe punky, maybe even a little heavier at times was what we were keen to produce.

Both our backgrounds in terms of playing in bands as young teenagers (we’re both in our thirties now) was this sort of style so we were both keen to rekindle that flame and make a bit more ‘noise’ again. We’re all busy with our own lives, families, work, and playing in other bands, so due to our other commitments and respective schedule, it’s been a long road to get a full set written and start recording, and producing our music. In addition to this, another old friend of ours was originally playing with us but unfortunately it wasn’t working out (the usual band issues I guess) so we decided to recruit Ruaridh (bassist) which has been great.

We’re totally D.I.Y. in approach so it’s pretty cool and that way there’s no pressure on any of us. As mentioned above Robbie built a rehearsal / recording studio so we practice there; I have a treated mixing studio set up at home so I engineer, produce and mix the recordings (I also run Meraki Records so I deal with all the music business type stuff like branding, artwork, distribution, promotion, marketing, press etc.); Ruaridh is our photographer, videographer and also does a lot of the social media stuff too: so overall it’s a pretty self-sufficient band which is nice.

TF: And where did you draw your musical inspiration from?

We all have an eclectic taste in music but I guess for this project a few influences would have to be Biffy Clyro, Frightened Rabbit, Foo Fighters, The Manchester Orchestra, Nirvana, etc.

TF: Are you going to be promoting this with a tour, are we likely to see you play live soon?

We’re super excited to start playing live really soon and I feel we’re almost ready as a band. We’re currently just polishing up our set at the moment and working on the show itself so-to-speak. Additionally, we’re almost finished recording and producing another new single which we’ll do another music video for as well, so it’s been super busy. But aye, I’ll start to book a few shows around different parts of Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Elgin, Dundee and Perth) from about late May onwards throughout the summer. Once into autumn, we’ll start writing and finishing new songs we have as a band to work towards developing our first E.P. Throughout this time and into winter, we’ll keep playing regularly in Scotland and organise a string of shows across the UK too.