Released on 27th April is the new EP from Conor Heafey, Just One Step Behind, and we can doubt expect more DIY bedroom pop from the Glasgow musician.

Conor spoke with The Fountain about his history in writing and recording music, as well his favourite show in Vienna.

TF: A second EP release, you must be excited?

Yeah, very much so! I’ve been working on these tracks for quite a while now so I’m keen to get them out and let people hear what I’ve been up to.

TF: An interesting title, where did the inspiration for this title come from?

The title for the EP takes it’s name from the lead track. The phrase Just One Step Behind just kind of came to me when I was messing around writing that song. It’s probably just been pulled from deep within my sub consciousness at that time but reflecting on it I think it represents feelings of unsureness, even anxiety and just generally feeling out of the loop.

TF: And where did you draw your musical inspiration from, has it come half from the Black Isle, half from Glasgow?

My musical inspirations has always been a difficult question for me because It just seems to be a big mash of whatever it is I’m currently into at the time. Recently I’ve kind of fallen in love with older pop music and some big hits from the eighties; anything cheesy and catchy I’ll probably love it.

Concerning location; although I am originally from the Black Isle I never actually started writing music until I moved to Perth about four years ago. When I wrote most of the songs on this new EP I was still in Perth as I only made the move to Glasgow at the start of this year. Some of the themes that I mentioned before, especially feeling out of the loop, probably come from living in Perth and wanting to be in the musical hub that is Glasgow. In terms of what musical inspiration I can get from Glasgow we will just have to wait and see.

TF: Are you going to be promoting this with a tour, are we likely to see you play live soon?

Unfortunately I don’t have any upcoming shows booked right at this moment but I am currently working on assembling a wee backing band which is coming together quite nicely. I think that should be ready to go pretty soon so I would say end of summer. But I may be popping up for the odd solo gig here and there before that so keep an eye out If you would like to hear a stripped back rendition of my new material.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

It would have to be the one show that I’ve played internationally in the beautiful city of Vienna. I was supporting my buddy Jacob Stiedl from Austrian band, Prohaska, in a little venue called Kramladen. It was great because of our different cultures and how that difference was heard in the music and also because most people there had no idea what I was singing about.