Wax Chattels have just signed to Captured Tracks and Flying Nun Records, releasing Stay Disappointed. Captured Tracks’ Mike Sniper saw them perform at a hometown show last Autumn and was hooked, getting the wheels in motion not twenty-four hours later.

Tom Leggett from the band spoke with The Fountain about what it’s like to work with Mike, their plans for touring and the obtuse inspiration behind the name.

TF: Exciting stuff with a new single release, you must be ecstatic?

We’re pretty chuffed right now! Once the 7″ records arrived in New Zealand we sold out of them immediately at our show that weekend, which was crazy.

TF: And are you following this with a full promo tour?

We’ll be doing a New Zealand tour once the album comes out before heading over to the States. Unsure of exact dates yet of the US tour, but we’d love to continue on to Europe afterwards, and maybe get back to Asia again later on. New Zealand is so far away from the rest of the world it would make our lives much easier to just stay on the road!

TF: Where did your band name originate from?

Amanda suggested using the word “Chattels” as she liked the sound of it – the hard consonance. It’s a word she uses in her work as a finance/banking lawyer, something she finds amusing to have incorporated into the name of a punk band. Peter wanted to make it less clinical by adding another word, and then we had a band name!

TF: And what was it like to be working with Mike and Captured Tracks?

Amazing. Mike and the team are incredibly onto it, and just such lovely folk!

TF: Which has been your favourite gig to date?

The final ever Kings Arms concert in late February. This venue had been a staple of the Auckland Music scene since the late eighties, and we were very kindly added to the bill with veteran kiwi musicians before it closed its doors for good.