Be Like Pablo, Ewen Watson, Ross Watson, Karen McLauchlan, Jamie Murphy and Andrew Stepien have just released their new video for their new track, My Kind of Girl, with much planned for the remainder of the year. Compared to Weezer, there is a classic pop sound to this band, one they feel is most suited for the Summer.

The band spoke with The Fountain about their summer plans, their Beach Boys influences and their gig at Belladrum.

TF: You’ve just released a new single, you must be excited?

It’s been a while since we’ve released anything so we are very excited with our new single and delighted with the response so far. The cartoon video has gone down really well and it’s been really fun promoting it.

TF: And I see you have more planned for later in the year, what can we expect from that?

We plan on releasing a follow-up single around July which will also have a really cool video to go with it. We’re also looking forward to playing gigs and festivals over the summer period which we will be starting to announce really soon.

TF: And where did you draw your musical inspiration from?

We have quite a range of influences ranging from the Beach Boys to the Cars to Weezer. We’re big fans of classic pop music and try to make old fashioned pop music but with loud guitars and a lot of enthusiasm.

TF: Are you going to be promoting this with a tour, are we likely to see you play live soon?

Our pop sound very much makes us a summer band so we’re looking forward to a productive summer. We have quite a few gigs planned in Scotland and possibly the rest of the UK. We’ll be announcing some of the Scottish dates in the coming weeks and the rest will follow.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

We’ve played a lot of really memorable gigs over the years but a couple spring to mind. Playing on the main stage at the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival a few years ago was really cool because it’s one of my favourite festivals and it’s really close to where we live. We played a really fun gig in Belfast a few years ago too with our friends The Wonder Villains which was one of those “party atmosphere” gigs. It’s hard to pin down my exact favourite gig but those are two that jump out to me.