LA River Bend, a feel good band from unsurprisingly, LA, have new single, Summer Wind, out as well an EP due for release, titled, Run These Hills. Consisting of Emily Elkin on cello and vocals, Jacob Seldes on drums, Branden Stroup on bass, vocals and guitar as well as Nate Weiner on vocals and guitar, they create Fully-fledged Americana folk soundscapes as expected from a four piece.

The band spoke with The Fountain about their plans for the year and their favourite gigs to date.

TF: Exciting stuff with a new single release, you must be ecstatic?

Yes! We are very excited to finally be releasing these tunes. Some of the songs on this EP were originally written almost ten years ago, so it feels great to finally put the recordings out into the world.

TF: And what inspired the band name, LA River Bend?

The band name came about really organically without much long-term thought behind it… We did have a moment of panic before releasing the EP, about turning off non-Angelenos to the music, but ultimately we couldn’t find a better name that suited us. The band started along the LA River in the neighbourhoods of Elysian Valley & Atwater Village. Our recent music video for our single Summer Wind is essentially a love letter to Atwater Village and all of the support and influence the community has given us over the years. Lyrically and musically I am drawn to nature and all of our music is shaped by that, so it’s also nice to have that element in the name. Lastly, we really love a good little pun, even if we get called LA River Band half the time.

TF: And are you following this with a promo tour?

As of now, the short answer is no. We would love to do a widespread tour across the States, but at the moment we could probably only make a West Coast tour feasible.

TF: And are we likely to see you perform in Scotland soon?

Playing in Scotland would be amazing! If there was ever a few gigs or a festival we could play over there, we would definitely be down! Glasgow seems like an amazing city, plus I would love to do some serious hiking over there.

TF: Which has been your favourite gig to date?

We just played The Troubadour, which is our most famous venue to date and they treated us so well, the staff and the crowd! Definitely loved playing there! My favourite gig though might have to be at Hotel Cafe, when we had our EP release show. Just because it is such an intimate venue and we had so many friends play with us on stage. We get to be part of these amazing “family nights” with some other bands like PLaNETS, The Crazy Brave, Mars & the Massacre, Black Crystal Wolf Kids, to name a few. Having their support on stage was unforgettable and it was a blast trying to break the stage with the amount of musicians we had up there.