L-Space released their first track recently under new label Last Night from Glasgow, Suneaters, which has been premiered by Vic Galloway on BBC Radio Scotland back in February, but sees them with a whole host of exciting prospects.

Lily from the band spoke about some of those as well as her Terry Pratchett influence on the band name.

TF: A new single release, you must be excited?

We’re so excited to have Suneaters out there in the world! It’s about a better world where we don’t rely on big filthy energy companies for our electricity, instead humanity has harnessed the power of the sun and live in a post-scarcity society. We all believe that a little bit of optimism is something the world really needs right now, so most of our songs are about futures where humanity has overcome some kind of obstacle and bettered itself.

This is our first single on Last Night from Glasgow, which we’re also very excited about. They’re wonderful people to work with and we’re really, really honoured to be working with them.

TF: And are we likely to see more of that this year, or perhaps an EP or an album even?

We have an album coming out on LNfG in September, which we’ve almost finished recording. We also have a CD out of pre-LNfG songs called Money Can Be Exchanged for Goods and Services that people can purchase in exchange for money on the label’s website or at our gigs. We’ll also be releasing a second single over the summer – probably a classic synth pop song about people breeding surrogate children for spare parts as humanity stops ageing. It’s going to be a busy year!

TF: And what inspired the name, L-space?

It’s from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld universe, short for Library Space. The concept can be summed up with the formula BOOKS = KNOWLEDGE = POWER = (FORCE X DISTANCE^2) ÷ TIME. Basically, if knowledge is power and the written word has magical properties on the Discworld, in large quantities all books warp space and time around them. Some people ask if the name stands for Lily Space, but I’m not that conceited.

TF: Are you going to be promoting this with a tour, are we likely to see you play live soon?

We’re playing at Stereo for the LNfG Bigger Birthday Bash with Sun Rose, Stephen Solo and Bis on 31st March. That promises to be incredible – it has almost sold out already we’ve heard! We’ve got more gigs in the pipeline that we’re excited to announce when the time is right.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

We all have different picks, but I think mine might be our first gig for LNfG at Nice n Sleazy’s in December. Maura’s dad had brewed some amazing beer, the crowd were amazing and Sun Rose were brilliant. It was a trifecta of good gigging. We also played at the Merchant City Festival last year which entailed bringing a lot of noise and crazy synths to the Trongate, which was quite surreal! A family with young children sat in the front row and smiled and nodded along to the first song, which is a very noisy and very loud and very cacophonous song called Southern Reach. As soon as it finished they all looked at each other and smiled and left before the second song. One of my prouder moments. We also played in Manchester recently which was fantastic – the stage looked like a set from Twin Peaks and the crowd were positively lovely.

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