Austin born, Paris based 27-year-old singer Hailey Tuck has revealed the video for her new single Alcohol, a rework of The Kinks classic and the first track to be released from her debut album Junk. Produced by the legendary Larry Klein and recorded by Sony, the album sees Hailey reworking the likes of Leonard Cohen (They Don’t Make It Junk), Ray Davies (Alcohol) and Pulp (Underwear), to expand our minds on jazz music.

Hailey spoke with The Fountain about what we can expect from that album, what inspired her to rework classics, and what we can expect from her in the coming months.

TF: Your video for Alcohol is now out, are you excited?

God yes, I recorded it last summer and then I sort of had to sit around and twiddle my thumbs until now, so I’m so excited for everything to finally be happening, I was so close to it I couldn’t even listen to it at first, I only heard my inadequacies. But then after a break, now I’m like, wait this is great….I’m really proud.

TF: And I see your debut album ‘Junk’ is out in May, what can we expect from that?

I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to play less jazz venues, and reclaim jazz for the rest of us philistines! Let’s all band together and help expand hipsters vinyl collections beyond Miles Davis and Coltrane! I’ve got Pulp, Leonard Cohen, Paul McCartney, Colin Blunstone (Zombies), Joni Mitchell, The Kinks, Solomon Burke, standard Some Other Time and blues Trouble In Mind, and a beautiful haunting ballad called I Don’t Care Much, that didn’t make the cut of the film Cabaret. Plus the bonus joy of having two original songs to sit next to those guys and compare! (Gulp gulp gulp)

TF: You really enjoy performing covers, what inspired you to take this path?

It’s really important to me that I’m bringing jazz out of the tribal exclusive thing it’s become, and making it accessible to everyone – especially more than just Middle Aged white people. Every hipster has a copy of Miles Davis and Coltrane in their vinyl collection, why not expand their minds to the rest of it and bring in a new, young and supportive audience. It’s jazz tradition that you’re mostly covering songs of those that have gone before you, and trying to internalize them and make them your own. Plus people connect more to songs that they know. I’ve luckily picked songs that either people know and love or alternatively think I wrote, and if some hot guys think that I wrote a f****ing Leonard Cohen song, that is completely okay with me.

TF: Are you going to be promoting this with a UK tour, are we likely to see you play live soon?

Yes! You can see me at my album launch party on May 15th at Rich Mix in London. Hoping to announce a larger UK tour at some stage, especially to visit my favourite magical castle city, Edinburgh. Once my sister and I took a road trip to the highlands, and in a small village, a group of clearly inebriated Scotsmen became convinced that I was the girl from the Cadburys commercial – which happened to be a computer recreation of Audrey Hepburn – and bought us drinks all night, a confusion which is probably the crowning achievement of my life. Also if you fancy a beautiful venue in Paris that looks like Versailles in a dryer, you can come watch me at Cafe De La Dance June 12 in gay Paree. Free red lipstick kisses for everyone.

Photos courtesy of Rocky Schenck.

Hailey is performing at Rich Mix in London on 15th May and Café de la Danse in Paris on 12th June.