The internationally renowned Lake of Stars Malawi Festival is hitting Glasgow today at the Art School in a celebration of UK and African culture, with free music during the day but with a strong line-up for the ticketed evening part.

Including artists such as M. anifest, Scott Hutchison and Faith Mussa, The Fountain spoke to Faith Mussa about his involvement with the festival, his previous experience performing in Glasgow and who he is looking forward to seeing at this one day event.

TF: You must be ecstatic to perform with the line up on Sunday in Glasgow’s Art School?

I’m so excited to be part of the line up to perform at the Lake of Stars festival on Sunday. It’s a special 15th birthday for Lake of Stars and being a Malawian artist, it’s great to be part of it.

TF: And also bringing Malawain music to the folk of Scotland as a one man band, enriching, how must that feel?

On top of everything else, I’m excited to be performing as a one man band because I think it’s a dream come true. I’m pretty much the only electronic one man band in Malawi. Seeing the one man band crossing borders is a great deal to me.

TF: You first played over here in Scotland in 2014 at the Celtic Connections, how did you come up with the one man band project?

When I went to Glasgow in 2014 for the Celtic Connections music festival I bumped into a simple one man band busking just outside the Royal Concert Hall. I was amazed, he took his time and explained his gear to me. That was the birth of my one man band. I saved money and bought the latest good Boss loop station and my music has never been the same.

TF: And what was it about the loop pedal that got you hooked on using that instrument?

The ability of the BossRc300 to record voices meant that I could loop traditional instruments that relied on using mics rather than cables. That brought the important link between modern sounds and traditional sounds.

TF: Are there any performers you yourself are excited about seeing whilst at Lake of Stars Festival on Sunday?

I’m looking forward to a lot of acts, Bongezilwe, Wezi and most of all MANIFEST.

Lake of Stars Glasgow’s day events kick off at 11am but the ticketed evening acts start from 7pm, today, in the Art School, Glasgow.