With a new album release and a Shacklewell Arms gig announced as well as SXSW on the horizon, there is much to keep Totally Mild busy at present. Her came out on 23rd February via Chapter Music, following their acclaimed debut, Down Time.

Elizabeth Mitchell from the band spoke with The Fountain about their approach, their forthcoming plans and their favourite gig to date.

TF: A new LP out, you must be ecstatic?

It’s very nice to have it out, to share it with everybody. It’s so transformative for a record to actually come out after you’ve worked on it so intimately. It stops being just for you and becomes something else for the people listening to it.

TF: And are you following this with a promo tour?

We are about to head to America for SXSW and then to London for a couple of shows. After that we will come home and do a big tour of Australia.

TF: Her sounds rather like a story, somewhat filmic in the approach, what made you opt for that style?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that the songs are woven together like cohesive story, they are all kind of snapshots of different moments within relationships. But there are overarching themes that are in a lot of the songs like restlessness, obsessional love and a thirst for independence:

TF: And what made you change from Elizabeth Mitchell to Totally Mild, where did the name stem from?

I have actually never really played under my own name, it’s always been Totally Mild. We did release an album on tape a few years ago that was mostly solo bedroom recordings, much more lo-fi than how we are now. But even then Zach and Lehmann who play in the band now contributed to songs. Totally Mild was a name that our friend Tom said as a joke, and it really stuck. In Australia, there’s a kids science show called Totally Wild which it’s a play on but overseas people often think it comes from The Fall song Totally Wired, which is much cooler haha.

TF: And what has been your favourite gig to date?

We played in a beautiful church in Austin last year, that was very cool. Another time we played at a hotel and Kesha came to the show. She stayed for ages, playing giant jenga and doing cartwheels. Also very cool.

Totally Mild play London’s Shacklewell Arms on 24th March.