Coralcrown fuses the modern with the vintage with their release of his track, Between The Lights, which is a teaser from EP, Birth, which will come out on 13th April. Coralcrown is Luis Gotor, embarking on this solo project after taking a hiatus from music.

The Fountain spoke with Luis about what to expect from his new EP, his favourite gig and his hope to perform at the smaller festivals this summer.

TF: A new single release, you must be excited?

Yeah, I’m really excited, it’s been a long journey since I started writing the songs, and for me to release them into the world is really special.

TF: And I see you have an EP out later in the year, what can we expect from that?

I think the whole EP has got the same vibe but different sounds, I don’t like to repeat the same equation again and again, and well, each of them tries to transmit different emotions with the music itself.

TF: And where did you draw your musical inspiration from?

I am listening to lots of new bands coming up, but also classics from the seventies and eighties, so it makes a good blend in my mind and then I pick up what I like the most after trying and trying and trying.

TF: Are you going to be promoting this with a tour, are we likely to see you play live soon?

Yes, we are launching Birth at The Finsbury on 4th May, and we would love to be in a few small festivals this summer.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

Well, for a band, a first gig is always very special, so I would say that yeah, the first was the favourite so far. We are grateful to Chris from Lost in the Manor who gave us our first supporting act slot at the Finborough Arms here in London, and it was amazing – full of friends and we had a really good night.

Birth will be released on 13th April via Lost in the Manor Records.