Port Cities, Canadian trio, not only have a self-titled album out on 23rd March but are hitting the UK on tour, stopping off in Glasgow’s King Tuts for a gig on 26th March.

Breagh from the band spoke with The Fountain about musical influences, her love of Frightened Rabbit and the inspiration behind the band name.

TF: You excited about playing Glasgow King Tuts?

Yes! I travelled around Scotland when I graduated university a few years ago and spent some time in Glasgow. I was a big fan of Frightened Rabbit at the time, and we were hoping to set up the trip so we could catch one of their gigs at King Tuts. Unfortunately the timing didn’t work out, but I heard from several friends that it is one of the best music venues in the city, so it’s super exciting to be playing there!

TF: What’s been your favourite gig to date?

One of my personal favourite gigs was opening for K.D. Lang at a big arena show in Halifax. I was a huge fan of her music growing up, so it was such an honour to share the stage with such a legendary performer. That was a definite highlight of the year for me.

TF: What music did you grow up listening to, formulating your taste and interest in music?

We all come from musical families, so although we all grew up surrounded by music, we have pretty diverse musical upbringings! Dylan is a huge fan of hip-hop and R&B music and has been producing and writing in that style for a while (his dad is also a well-known singer-songwriter in Canada and fronts the Scottish band Runrig), Carleton played in rock bands since he was a teenager, and I have a degree in jazz piano. I think the common ground that brought us together was the shared love of a well-crafted pop song. We all believe in the mantra that “a good song is a good song”, no matter what the genre!

TF: What inspired you to take the name Port Cities?

We were throwing around names for several months before we made a decision. We had a few ideas with the word “Cities”, so we were trying several different combinations before settling on “Port Cities”. We are all from Cape Breton, a little island on the East Coast of Canada, and now two of three members now live in Halifax which is a coastal city, so Port Cities had some meaning but mostly we just liked the way it sounded.

TF: It must be fab to have your new album finally released in the UK this Month – can you tell us about it?

We first came to the UK for the Great Escape Festival in Brighton last year, and this tour will be our third time back since then. Our album has been out for a year in Canada, so getting the chance to travel to another part of the world and share our music with new people is really exciting.

Canadian dream pop trio Port Cities will be calling into King Tuts, Glasgow on 26 March.