Bird Concerns, four piece garage rock band from California, have just released new single The Monster, which is reminiscent of the grunge and new-wave artists of the nineties, namely Stephen Malkmus.

Marcus, Travis, Jake and Cooper spoke with The Fountain about working with Theo Karon, where the name Bird Concerns originated from and their favourite gig to date.

TF: Exciting stuff with a new single release, you must be ecstatic?

We are so grateful for all of the positive feedback and press received with the release of our newest single/music video, The Monster. We are feeling more excited, ambitious, and motivated as a band and individuals than ever before.

TF: Where did your band name originate from?

In the early days, Marcus, Cooper, and Travis took a tour/summer vacation up the west coast. We were struggling to find a good band name. Then one day Cooper and Travis went on a hike somewhere remote in NorCal, while Marcus stayed sick in the van. It was late afternoon, the birds were going crazy, and then came the name, Bird Concerns.

TF: And what was it like to be working with Theo Karon?

Theo had been a friend of ours for a few years before we started working with him, which probably has a lot to do with the ease of creative communication when we work together. Some of the key ingredients that make Theo so productive to work with are that he would rather be creative than invasive, he doesn’t hold back when inspired, yet somehow manages to keep the ball rolling rather quickly before anyone gets tired, frustrated, or simply lost in the infinitum of possibilities. We love having Theo as an engineer, and are currently in and out of the studio with him, working on our latest.

TF: Which has been your favourite gig to date?

Our single release party February 1st at the HiHat. Britt and the rest of the crew have always been good to us, so the HiHat is literally and emotionally our neighborhood venue. The crowd was such an amazing combination of old friends who have been supporting us faithfully, and brand new fans who were just as enthusiastic. Everyone was singing along and dancing, we had a blast performing The Monster live in front of a projection of the video, and Sam Valdez and Chaynler Joie were amazing supporting acts.