With a new album out via Cargo and a UK tour there is much happening for long-standing band, The BellRays. With clear punk, blues and soul influences this is a band worth a listen.

They spoke with The Fountain about playing Glasgow, their time playing alongside Wayne Kramer and their move to Cargo.

TF: You excited about playing Glasgow Broadcast?

Yes we are always excited to play Glasgow.

TF: What’s been your favourite BellRays gig to date?

Our favourite show was from early in our touring career. We got a gig at the paradise lounge in San Francisco. There were two stages, and we had the option of playing the big stage as the first of two openers for Wayne Kramer or playing the small stage which would play between the change-over. Instead of one set we would play our set broken into two shorter segments. Being fans of Wayne at the time and not knowing him we figured this was the way to actually play in close proximity to him so we did the small stage. The stage was ground level off to the side of the main stage. The packed club literally turned around and didn’t have to walk anywhere to see our show. When our down beat hit it was a force of energy I am hard pressed to have ever experienced up to that point. It is as if all the planets aligned into a laser beam of rock. We were out of control, the crowd was insane and before I knew it our fifteen minute set was over. By the time our second set started Jello Biafra was in the front and I could see Wayne looking at us from the main stage. He didn’t give us the thumbs up but having a guy like that turn to watch was just as good.

TF: What music did you grow up listening to, formulating your taste and interest in music?

We were fortunate enough to group up around A.M. Radio which was a mix of everything from country to funk. It was a major inspiration for what Bob and I wanted from The BellRays and more recently making Punk Funk Rock Soul Vols 1 and 2.

TF: It must be fab to have your new album Punk Funk Rock Soul Volume 2 released by Cargo? Can you tell us a little more about it?

Well much of it has to do with wanting to tour here in the UK again. Our UK booking agent made the Cargo suggestion and introduction and luckily we were all able to work it out. We are in fact delighted to have this relationship with Cargo UK.

Punk Funk Rock Soul Volume 2 came out on February 2nd and the band play Broadcast, Glasgow, on Tuesday 6th March.