Hinds are anticipating the response to their new release, I Don’t Run, out in April 6th via Lucky Number, having been co-produced by Gordon Raphael and them, and engineered by the reputable Shawn Everett.

Ade Martin, one quarter of Hinds, spoke with The Fountain about playing Latitude, the inspiration behind the album title and offered advice on working in the music industry as a female.

TF: You’re releasing your second studio album in April this year. How do you feel your sound has changed since your first album release in 2016? What do you think has been the biggest influence on your sound recently?

Hi! Well, I think the main difference is that everything is more polished and more well thought. With the first record we were a little bit lost specially with the mixing process. But this second time everything was different. We knew what we wanted, we knew we wanted a tiny bit cleaner sound with more presence for the music and everything to sound more powerful and then Shawn Everett, the guy who mixed it did a great job doing things we’d never ever have thought about doing with the songs.

TF: So your new album is called I Don’t Run. What influenced the name?

We wanted to name the album with a sentence that represented it well, like Leave Me Alone did. Leave Me Alone expressed what we were going through by the time we were writing and recording the album, and I don’t run does exactly the same for the second one. We’ve been touring for three years almost non stop and we’ve realized what the rock and roll rules are. Drugs, live fast die young, run baby run.. and we’ve also realised we don’t agree with them that much so in a way we’re trying to say.. ok.. we love rock and roll but I don’t run. And also, when we were thinking about starting to write and record and basically start thinking about the second album, we knew we wanted to have a good amount of time to write it, record it so that there was nothing we would regret. With the first album everything was in a rush because of how this band started, and that made us make a lot of decisions not really having time to think them through. So basically with this second album, we didn’t run.

TF: You’re playing at Latitude Festival this summer. What is your favourite part of playing at a festival and what is your least favourite?

Our favourite is to get to be with other bands and watch them play. And least is that we normally have to leave and we never want to.

TF: Speaking of festivals, there are some big names at Latitude! Have you ever been star struck meeting anybody? Is there anyone you’d really love to meet?

Actually, The Vaccines and Wolf Alice are playing, we’re really good friends with them. I’d love to meet Solange, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

TF: In a previous interview with MTV this year, you said that sexist criticism may upset you personally but doesn’t affect your success. What would you say to young women starting in the music industry who may be worried about the sexist backlash they may receive?

That it is there, it exists, and it sucks. So just be prepared cause the worst thing is when you don’t expect it and it hits you. So be prepared mentally and be strong about it, it’s the time to fight it.

TF: It sounds like it’s going to be a very busy year with Latitude and the album release, so what are your favourite ways to relax after a tiring day or night?

Have a beer with friends.

TF: What are your hopes for the future of the band? Do you have any exciting projects or touring plans coming up?

Yes! We’re gonna be touring Europe including most of UK in April, then long tour in America and then lots of festivals in the summer. We can’t wait.

Photo courtesy of Salva Lopez.

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