Georgie is not only hitting us with new three track EP, Too Much TV, on 16th February but is also presently touring with Jake Bugg, performing in the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow on 20th of the same month.

The soulstress spoke with The Fountain about her busy year, working with Matthew E White and her love of a Glasgow crowds.

TF: You must be ecstatic about supporting Jake Bugg on tour, quite the coup?

Yeah absolutely! He’s such a great artist, it’s so inspiring to see him on tour and be able to watch how he does it. This tour feels so great to be a part of too, really amazing venues and crowds. Its lovely to be preforming at those places to that many people so I’m very grateful.

TF: And with a new EP out on 16th you have a busy month ahead of you, exciting times?

Yeah I can’t wait to get it out there. I really like this `EP and I’m proud of it so it’ll be nice for other ears to hear it and see what they think. Yeah its so nice to be on tour and have music coming up out it definitely keeps me busy and gives me lots of inspiration for writing new songs too.

TF: What else is on the cards for Georgie this year, sounds like a fabulous one for you?

Hopefully prequels to this month, haha, anything similar to that really. So more live shows and more music plus I’m always writing so I’ll keep on with that when I’m not on the road. But definitely expect more music!

TF: And what was it like to work with the gorgeous-haired Matthew E White?

It was a great experience, really loved it. He’s great and so are his house band and team. It was so amazing to be out there in Richmond Virginia too, doing what I love with talented, ardent musicians. We had a lot of fun and Matthew is really great to work with.

TF: You’ve already played a ton of gigs, what has been your favourite gig to date?

Thats a big one haha. I think I’ve played near to three hundred gigs so that’s a lot to choose from. I played Beat The Street in Nottingham recently that was great and also Frankfurt with Jake Bugg. I really loved that one. But yeah there’s loads. Glasgow is always one of my favourites so it’s great to play there again. Brixton Academy with Jake was one ticked of the bucket list but I also love those little intimate gigs in bars and small venues or strange settings. Most of its down to the crowd really. A gig is a shared experience and the crowd definitely take it from being a show to being something special, which I love.

Too Much TV is out via Impacts on 16th February.