Singer and songwriter Ciaran Donnelly releases track, Masks, on 23rd February via Meraki Records, which will unleash a can of worms, well if nothing else, some live dates.

Ciaran spoke with The Fountain about his plans for gigging, promoting his music and also the inspiration behind the single.

TF: Exciting stuff with a new single release, you must be ecstatic?

I am absolutely over the moon, I’ve always known that I wanted to write and play music but to see it actually start to take on some kind of life and shape is very exciting and exhilarating. I just want to be out and playing it for everyone now along with the unreleased material.

TF: And are you following this with a full promo tour? I see you are from Birkhill, are we to expect a Scottish tour soon?

I’m actually in the middle of booking shows at the moment and they’re to be confirmed, there’ll be a few around Dundee, Perth, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh. It’s the beginning of my live performance career so at the moment I’m playing anywhere I can to develop my set and cultivate a fan base.

TF: What inspired the title of the track, Masks?

I’ve always been interested in many types of philosophers and philosophical ideas, this particular idea came from a Japanese proverb that links the idea of people wearing different masks in different social contexts. The first face you show to the world. The second you show to your close friends and family, and the third face – the truest reflection of who you are – you show no one. It helps me stay humble and true to myself and everyone around me, I try to be the third face as much as I can.

TF: Which has been your favourite gig to date?

So far It would have to be in the Abertay Union, which is a University building in Dundee, I was the entertainment for the Volunteer Dundee’s Youth Volunteering Awards night and I loved the atmosphere and also being part of a great cause.


Masks is out on 23rd February via Meraki Records.