Another Age, the debut album from Robert Earl Thomas, also of Widowspeak, avoids inhabiting the obvious clichés whilst also appealing to the broad masses with universal themes. An album about small moments with big emotional footprints, told modestly and honestly, Another Age is out on 16th February.

Robert spoke with The Fountain about working solo, what we can expect from this record and working with Kevin McMahon.

TF: How do you feel about the near release of your new album? 

I am phenomenally excited about the upcoming release.  This record has been long in the making and there were times I thought I might not actually finish it.  It’s a document of a period in my life and making it was a great opportunity to process a lot that’s happened to me in the last five years.  That said, I think the themes are still pretty universal.  I’m really proud of it and grateful that Captured Tracks wanted to put it out.

TF: And how is it to be working on a solo project separate to Widowspeak?

Undertaking a solo project outside of Widowspeak has been exciting and daunting.  I’d known that I wanted to do it for awhile, but was never sure about how to get started, and when you’re going from scratch there’s so many possible directions to move in it can feel paralyzing. With Widowspeak there’s a certain set of parameters we work within, generally speaking.  Plus, Molly is the captain of the ship which means she shoulders most of the pressures.  In the end, though, it was thrilling to discover and shape my own sonic identity.  And I think I made a sincere record, which is the best I could hope for.

TF: Will we have the pleasure of seeing you hit Scotland soon? 

I sure hope so! Widowspeak always has a blast in Scotland.  In fact we’ve made good friends in Glasgow, which makes returning extra special.  I’m rehearsing a band right now and I look forward to going on tour as soon as possible.

TF: What’s it been like to work with Kevin McMahon? 

Kevin has become a really close friend and working with him feels so easy and natural.  He’s a super talented sound sculptor and I love how the two of us can disappear into the studio and emerge with finished records.  I recorded a lot of this album by myself, but I wasn’t confident enough to finish it alone. Kevin helped me bring it all together.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

That’s one of those impossible questions.  Headlining the Bowery Ballroom in New York the day after my birthday was unreal.  The first time we toured Europe was the first time I’d every travelled out of the US, so those shows hold a special place in my heart. I’m certainly looking forward to my first ever record release show in February.

Photo courtesy of Bob River.

Another Age is out on February 16th 2018 via Captured Tracks.