Nick Hodgson, renowned for his work with the Kaiser Chiefs, is releasing debut solo album, Tell Your Friends on 26th January, which he is promoting with several instores including one on 26th January in Edinburgh’s Vox Box Records.

Nick spoke with The Fountain about the pros and cons of working solo, and mentioned that we are likely to see more gigs from him later in the year.

TF: You must be ecstatic about the release of your solo album, Tell Your Friends?

Now you mention it I am ecstatic! It’s so much hard work bringing out an album on your own label but its worth it when you hold the vinyl in your hands.

TF: And alternatively you are touring it with a bunch of free gigs in record shops including Vox Box in Edinburgh, what made you opt for that to a conventional tour?

My original idea was to do about eight instores in one day. I realised pretty quickly that I’d need a helicopter to do this and the budget wouldn’t stretch. So I’m doing two a day, I’m really looking forward to it. And I will be doing a full band tour later on in the year though.

TF: What is it like to be working solo, separate to the guys, the Kaiser Chiefs?

There’s many positives and a few negatives to being solo. I love the fact that I can do exactly what I want. Things get done a lot quicker on your own, everything from writing the songs to approving the artwork. The main downside is that there’s nowhere to hide and nobody to share the negative things with.

TF: Will you be playing any other venues north of the border, with this album?

I’m planning a tour for later in the year and I believe there’s a Scottish date in there. So yes!

TF: And do you think we are likely to see the Kaiser Chiefs back on tour again at some point?

Definitely, they love touring.

Nick Hodgson is playing at Vox Box Records, Edinburgh, at 1pm, 26th January.