Los Angeles based artist, Monti, has been working with Josh Stevens to produce and co-write Echo, a track which encompasses hardships and empowers a new generation.

Lauren Silva AKA Monti spoke to The Fountain about her inspiration for her alter ego, working with Josh Stevens and her fave gig.

TF: You must be ecstatic about the release of your new single? 


TF: And what inspired your band name, Monti?

I suffered through many struggles and traumatic experiences in my life with a dark past. However as much as I’ve struggled, I have also have overcome and experienced transformation and “Monti” represents just that. Transformation and empowering others, especially the next generation, with the message that you do not have to be a victim to your  circumstances.

TF: Will we have the pleasure of seeing you hit Scotland soon? 

I very much hope so! It’s up to the fans. I’ve always wanted to go there!

TF: What’s it been like to work with Josh Stevens?  

It’s been great. He’s very much been inspiring and has become a mentor and friend. It all started when I met him through another project I was brought in the studio to work with him on and then later approached him on my vision for my next solo artist project. He saw the potential and believed in it and this started our incredible musical relationship with him and his company Stadium Music Enterprise where we worked on bringing this vision to life. When we went in for the first writing session, we were definitely in sync. As the song progressed over time, he also found his own voice in the single as he did the feature on it that was also an experience he shared from his own story. He’s become one of my top favorites to co-write with for sure and I can’t wait to see what we do next!

TF: What has been your favorite gig to date?

When I performed at the Cox Arena in San Diego for an Easter Concert. The excitement and adrenaline I had from the five thousand plus audience and everyone on stage gave me an energy that had me soaring on stage literally. I was told that I jumped so high in the middle of performing that it was as if I actually flew for a minute. And the crazier thing about that was that I was wearing platform heels so it was a miracle I didn’t break my ankle or something, when I landed.