North Atlas have just released the video for their new track Volcanoes, which travels through some of most fabulous locations north of the border.

Leon Hunter from the band spoke with The Fountain about the inspiration behind their band name, their favourite gigs and what we are likely to expect from North Atlas in 2018.

TF: You must be ecstatic about the release of your new single, Volcanoes?

Absolutely! It’s been received well and we’re very happy with it. We’re also glad to finally put out the video for Volcanoes, its all about a pyro enthusiast travelling from Glasgow through some of Scotlands most impressive locations, searching for the perfect place to put on her own personal fireworks show.

We got the idea after watching the movie Trainspotting (for the 100th time), the part where they go out to the middle of nowhere for some ‘fresh air’. The first scene we shot was filmed at that train station, which is apparently the most remote station in Scotland. Sounds about right.

We filmed for a few days up in the highlands with director Konz. It was a lot of fun to make this video, even though there was plenty of falling into mud and lochs.

TF: And are we likely to expect an album soon or forthcoming tour?

Back in the studio this summer to record some new music but no plans for an album yet. Maybe an EP this year, but we’re very excited to get back in and push ourselves as much as we can! We’re doing a few things in the coming months, but a proper UK tour is planned for the end of the year. Check out our Facebook for updates!

TF: Where did the inspiration come from for the band name, North Atlas?

The band name was inspired by my dad, he’s an old sailor type. He sailed a lot up in the northern seas, round Iceland and the Arctic. When Cam and I were kids there was a book our Dad always had lying around called The North Atlas full of maps and stories. It stuck in my mind for some reason.

TF: What was it like to work with Dan Weller?

Dan is a great guy, having worked on a bunch of Enter Shikari albums we felt he was the right person to be involved with for our sound. We got on very well with him, having lots of whisky and brilliantly nerdy conversations about synths and music production. At one point we got quite drunk and decided to wander off through the Lincolnshire countryside looking for constellations with the starfinder app. At least there were no lochs to fall into.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

Hmm that’s tough, we enjoy every gig so much! We really live to play live. That being said, one of my favourites has been a show we did at Freshers week in Glasgow, we played at Glasgow university student union QMU. The atmosphere was amazing, people seemed really fired up for a great night and it had a nostalgic element to it.

The best shows are the ones where people really let themselves go, its not about going and worshiping some band or paying hundreds of quid for a ticket, for me its about going down to a cool venue wherever you live and checking out some newer bands with fire! Thats where the party’s at.