Jackson MacIntosh, who was the producer of the last two Homeshake albums, and collaborator with the likes of TOPS and Sheer Agony is releasing his own record, My Dark Side, out on Sinderlyn on 23rd February.

Jackson spoke with The Fountain about his favourite gig in gay Paris, the strong Pink Floyd influences on this new album and his Scottish connections.

TF: Are you excited about the release of your new record, My Dark Side?

I am, yes. I appreciate that someone out there is willing to put it out, and that I get to perform the songs live now. It’s a record I sort of made by accident while working on other things and so it’s been exciting to watch this thing I made with no expectations take on a life of its own.

TF: And which Dark Side are you referring to with this title, where did the title inspiration come from?

I am referring to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, of course, but also the darker side of my own psyche. The dark corners that the bats fly out of. I thought of the title before I started recording the record and it really influenced the direction I took with the songs and the sound. The title track is really just a Pink Floyd rip off that I made in order to justify using the title.

TF: I know you are based over in Canada but will we have the pleasure of seeing you hit Scotland soon?

I actually played at Broadcast in Glasgow about a month and a half ago opening for TOPS! I’m not sure when I’ll be back but I love Scotland and would come back at the drop of a hat if an opportunity presented itself. I’m from Nova Scotia in Canada, and there’s a lot of Scottish culture and music around there, so Scotland feels pretty uncannily like Home to me. There was always one kid on every block who was learning how to play the bagpipes, and Scottish people understand the pain of hearing a young person practice the bagpipes.

TF: And what was it like working with the likes of Homeshake?

Peter is a real treat to record with – he comes in with fully fleshed out song ideas, synth and drum sounds and has most of the parts written already, and he’s such a talented player and arranger that it comes together really quickly and easily. He’s such a good all-around musician – people don’t realize what an incredible drummer and bass player he is. He’s also really, really funny. We recorded the last two Homeshake records in the middle of the winter in my frigid studio in Montreal, so a lot of the time we’d be straddling space heaters wearing our jackets and drinking endless cups of tea. So, um, I guess in summary, unglamourous (my fault), but fun.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

Oooh, there have been a lot. I just played the first solo headlining show of my life at Zebulon in LA and that felt really good. I played a really fun show with Ellise Barbara (who also sings on my record) on Halloween at the Moulin Rouge in Paris four or five years ago and that one really sticks out for me. It was part of a huge queer party and there were go go dancer boys painted all red shimmying at the front of the stage for a while. The champagne was a-flowing. A beautiful night. My flight home was at 9am the next morning and that was not a beautiful flight.

Photo courtesy of Tess Roby.

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