London band, The Coolness, have paid homage to the fried chicken culture within the city, with new track Chicken Leg Girl, released via Lost in the Manor Records.

Chaz John Ross, Eddie Lyons and Dave Robinson spoke with The Fountain about the Scots’ appetite for music, the inspiration behind the band name and the re-mastering of their EPs.

TF: The release of your new single must be a ‘trouser arouser’?

Well the fact that we have released new original material after a long period is a reason for excitement. It’s been at least six years. Any songs about food are generally exciting. Chaz’s stocking clad legs are the sexiest thing about the music video apparently.

TF: And are we likely to expect an album of wit soon or a forthcoming tour?

We are currently working on remastering, remixing and re-releasing our first two EPs, Demo 1 (2005) and How To Become Cool In 7 Easy Steps (2007). Demo 1 will be released in late January/early February 2018. These EPs came out before the onslaught of the internet, so they never found their way online. As a so called ‘art collective’ we’ve always been against Spotify; we thought it homogenised the musical listening experience in general. However within the past year or two, we have slowly accepted it as a great way to share music, especially as re-releases. We will start gigging again sometime in 2018, we have some new songs to write first. Check out our Facebook or Instagram for more details.

TF: Will we have the pleasure of seeing you hit Scotland soon with your Chicken Leg Girl single – we’d maybe need a Deep Fried Pizza track though ?

We’ve never heard of a deep fried pizza until now only a deep fried Mars Bars! The Coolness started out in Portsmouth (a city island just off the south costs of England) so it’s about as far away as you can get. No excuses however: Our singers surname is Ross so it only makes sense we come to Scotland ASAP. We love the people, the food and hear the Scots have a healthy appetite for live music!

TF: What inspired the band name The Coolness?

It could be that we have a shared passion for Star Trek and Games Workshop? At the time of The Coolness’ fruition (2005) we were living in Shoreditch, East London (check out the TV Show Nathan Barley on All4). True, it was a creative place full of excitement, raves and gigs but… there were also many pretentious idiots (ourselves included) who thought they were centre of the universe; dressed up with Game Boys and cassette tapes for necklaces and lens-less sunglasses. It all started to get a bit tribal after a while… I guess the name was a semi-piss take out of our surroundings. You have to remember that the term ‘Hipster’ did not exist then, at least in London. I guess we were ahead of the curve, singing about what was happening around us. Basically we have no idea, it just sounded like a famous band name! However…

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

Our favourite? We couldn’t possibly remember. Most of the best gigs have been in unconventional or ‘semi-legal’ venues, co-organised by ourselves, which probably led to unnecessary stress and memory loss. We do vaguely recollect, in terms of crowd excitement and general chaos, The Old Peanut Factory Zebra Rave in Hackney Wick, London, August 2008.

It was an unofficial after-party for the second ever Field Day rock music festival which takes place in Victoria Park.

We had go-go dancers at the time, so the ‘party’ was in one of their ‘warehouses’. Everyone was dressed as zebras. Behind the stage were three or four bedrooms, so you can only imagine… Charli XCX played her first big gig supporting us, she really came into her own and the word finally spread about her throughout the ‘scene’. Charli would’ve of been fifteen or sixteen at the time; both her parents were at this show. It was more like a house party than a gig. To my recollection; hundreds of people got turned away because the floor was about to collapse.

Chicken Leg Girl is out via Lost in the Manor Records.