Glasgow-based musician Chiara Berardelli has a busy year ahead with a new single out, Deep Space Hibernation, which is from new reflective, soul-searching LP, Seamonster, out in March.

Chiara spoke with The Fountain about her decision to get into music, working with the Hidden Lane community in Glasgow as well as her plans for touring in 2018.

TF: You must be ecstatic about the release of your new album, Seamonster?

I am! Though I don’t think anyone is ever completely happy with their finished album, there are always little things that could be improved but you have to stop somewhere!

TF: What inspired the title of this album?

I wanted very much to be a mother but unfortunately it never came to be. I suppressed my sadness for a long time and when it surfaced it was like a sea-monster, coming up from the deep and turning life upside down, hence the title.

TF: And you recorded this within the Hidden Lane community in Glasgow – what was that like?

It was very inspiring, I loved going there every day. I worked with a great producer called Johnny Smillie and I even got some curtains made in the Lane between sessions!

TF: And from what I can gather you used to be a doctor – what made you jump profession?

I’ve always had the ambition to be a song-writer and last year I decided to make the leap.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

I recently played in an old school hall in Le Bons Bay, South Island New Zealand. I felt a total connection with the audience and everything seemed to flow.

TF: Do you have any plans to tour this year?

I’ve got a couple of gigs to launch the album in Edinburgh at The Speakeasy, Voodoo Rooms on March 25 and The Glad Café, Glasgow on March 30. Then in the Autumn I’m planning at wider UK tour.

Chiara Berardelli‘s Seamonster will be out on 2nd March 2018