With a new single out and a December tour, the RPMs are coming back to Glasgow’s Garage, this time for their own gig at the Attic Bar.

The band took time out to speak to The Fountain about new track, Your Ghost, working with Xtra Mile and visiting the Garage yet again.

TF: Are you excited about playing Glasgow?

Yes! The last time we were at Glasgow we ended up in the Garage. Our tour manager specifically told us to not go in there so we snuck in anyway and we don’t remember much after that. Funnily enough that’s where we’re playing this time.

TF: What’s been your favourite gig to date?

Glastonbury 2017 at The Rabbit Hole, so much happened…

TF: What music did you grow up listening to, formulating your taste and interest in music?

Motown and old school pop classics that our parents introduced us to that got us interested in music in the first place.

TF: What inspired the name of The RPMs?

Our love for vinyl.

TF: It must be fab to have your new single released by Xtra Mile?

Yeah we’re really happy to part of the Xtra Mile family. They’ve been amazing.

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