Martin Duffy of Primal Scream fame and solo singer, ex-Beta Band member, Steve Mason, have collaborated to form Alien Stadium, signed to Domino Records, another superband, albeit only two members, released mini-album, Livin in Elizabethan Times at the beginning of the month.

Martin spoke to The Fountain about working with Steve, what it was that influenced the title of this record and their process.

TF: So, you’re first release as Alien Stadium being signed to Domino, there’s a lot of hype surrounding this mini-album. You gotta be excited?

We are truly over the moon.

TF: And it’s great with it’s psychedelic sound and alt-world elements. How did the collaboration bring about this sound?

Outer Space is supposed to be Far Out? Right?

TF: Titled Livin in Elizabethan Times, where did this album title spring from?

The title springs from an embarrassment of riches, through a vacuum of slavery, whatever the era.

TF: How would you personally describe the progression of your sound working together, as it’s a totally unique sound from both Steve Mason solo and Primal Scream?

No two pairs of heads, when banged together, sound alike.

TF: I am curious about your working process. How do you begin and progress a song, filling an entire record, collaboratively?

No rules is good. Discipline is good. We try never to over-egg the pudding.

TF: And what has it been like working with each other?

It never felt like work.

TF: Lastly, when are we likely to see you in Scotland touring this record?

We both have separate things to do in the coming months.
Never say never.

Livin in Elizabethan Times was released via Domino on 1st December. Click here to find out more about Alien Stadium.