Joining Neu! Reekie!’s stunning bill for it’s Xmas Snowblinder special is one half of Arab Strap and star of Where You’re Meant to Be, Aidan Moffat.

Aidan spoke with The Fountain about what it is that excites them about this belter of a bill, what Arab Strap have recently been up to and what we can expect from him and RM Hubbert in the near future.

TF: You’re on the bill for Neu! Reekie!’s Xmas Snowblinder this year, what’s your plan for your slot?

I don’t actually have a plan yet, but I expect it’ll include a couple of bawdy ballads, some sweary, sexy poetry, and some kind of Christmas cracker.

TF: Have you performed for Michael and Kevin afore or is this your first time joining the lads? What is it about Neu! Reekie! that’s got you on the bill?

I’ve done quite a few nights with the Neu!Reekie! guys, aye, and it’s always a brilliant night with plenty of great folk to see. We don’t really get literary nights in Glasgow, so it’s all still a bit exotic and exciting for me.

TF: And to be joining the likes of Bill Drummond, Charlotte Church, Irvine Welsh, it makes it quite a bill?

Indeed! All my mates keep telling me I’d love Charlotte Church’s Pop Dungeon, so I’m probably looking forward to that the most.

TF: And will you be donning appropriate footwear in case Bill Drummond gets down on his knees again?

I only ever wear Adidas trainers when I go out – I find they’re appropriate for every occasion.

TF: The last time I saw you perform personally Aidan was in the Barrowlands alongside a screening of Where You’re Meant to Be. What have you been working on since that great gig?

I spent every weekend this summer playing festivals with the refried Arab Strap, which was great fun but hard on the nerves and waistline. Arab Strap is back in hibernation now, and I’ve just finished an album with RM Hubbert.

TF: Are we to be indulged with any further tours of your work in the near future, Aidan?

Definitely – the album with Hubby’s due out in May, so we’ll be touring over the summer, fingers crossed. Until then, I’m looking forward to a few months at home with some books and computer games. And maybe my children.

Photo courtesy of Kat Gollock.

Neu! Reekie!’s Xmas Snowblinder is on Friday 15th December in Central Hall, Edinburgh and tickets are available here.