Scottish indie band Dante have released new track, Rose, from forthcoming second album, which has been produced by Frightened Rabbit’s Andy Monaghan. Playing November gigs in Inverness, Elgin and Dundee, we recommend that you check this band out.

Seán McLaughlin, vocalist for the band spoke with The Fountain about working with Andy, their influences surrounding this track and the Hebridean Celtic Festival.

TF: You must be ecstatic about the release of your new single?

We most certainly are – it’s been far too long.

TF: Where have your influences been drawn from with this track?

That’s really hard to pin-down, as the creative decisions aren’t really consciously referential – if you know what I mean? We all loved the Owl John record that Andy produced/mixed so we really wanted to use him as a creative filter for a lot of what we were doing, so I suppose producing noises that we thought would work well with that style of production was a concern.

The song started life as that electric mandolin hook you can hear at the start, then I wrote a couple of guitar parts. Andy played about with what we can do with each section but it’s not a particularly complex song – it only has one chord sequence, but we love it like that. Lyrically, I was turning thirty with a new baby daughter and I suppose it’s just about the pressures of things like money and work, and the impact this can have on the things that ultimately matter an awful lot more.

TF: What has it been like working with Andy of Frightened Rabbit fame?

Great! Andy’s amazing and such a lovely guy to work with. He’s the type of guy… you just couldn’t imagine him angry, you know? Garry Boyle (Recording Engineer, Slate Room Studio) is exactly the same. We had a team of really cool, easy-going people working on this record.

I think in some ways the album took a lot longer because of his commitment to Frightened Rabbit, but having Andy involved was so important to us that we were happy to work around his schedule. The last record we made was quite folk-rock, and although there are still elements of that dotted throughout the new record, there is a lot more to it. I think it’s a lot more interesting and accessible, in equal measure.

TF: What more can we expect from you in the near future – a full length LP?

Yes – totally! Rose is just the first release from the new album, I Wear Your Weight with Mine – due for release in March 2018, and up for pre-order now. I’m actually sitting waiting on the delivery of the first test pressings of the vinyl copy today – exciting times! We’ll be releasing tracks from the album over the next few months to let folk hear what we’ve been up to before the whole record appears. The plan is to give away a free track around Christmas – ’tis the season and all that. Is it too early to mention Christmas?

TF: I see you have gigs coming up in Inverness, Elgin and Dundee, where has been your favourite gig to date?

This year or generally? Absolutely loved playing Hebridean Celtic Festival – a festival that has been, unsurprisingly, winning a lot of awards recently! For smaller shows, there’s always something enjoyable about every gig. Sometimes you’ll play a wee gig in a crap venue with a crap sound system, but the audience are loving it, singing your lyrics and jumping about, so you end up having a great night. We’ve never played Elgin before so we’re looking forward to that. Inverness is always a good laugh and folk there seem up for a good night. Dundee is great and we’ve made a wee Dante tradition of playing a free charity show there every year at Benjamin Barker’s. Aye, every gig has its merits – we enjoy every show we play on some level!

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