A Chinese band to make a break in the West, Re-TROS released their album last month and are promoting the record with a tour supporting Depeche Mode. Hitting Glasgow at the Garage on 16th November it will surely be a well-attended gig.

Dong Hua from the band took time out from his hectic schedule to chat to The Fountain about playing with Depeche Mode, their inspiration behind Before The Applause and the Chinese music scene.

TF: You excited about playing Glasgow but also with Depeche Mode?

Sure, it’s our first time playing in Glasgow, very looking forward to meeting new audiences here. And also very exciting to be playing with Depeche Mode, I’ve been listening to their music since I was at the high school, it’s amazing to have this opportunity to support them!

TF: What’s been your favourite gig to date?

A lot of gigs were super cool and impressive to us. As I said, I’d love to perform in different countries, meet different people and touch different cultures. This makes me feel very excited.

TF: What music did you grow up listening to, formulating your taste and interest in music?

When I was very young, I was fan of pop music from HK , like the most young kids else in China. Then I started to listen rock music at my high school time, I still remember the first band which really wowed me was The Cure. Seventeen Seconds, this album was so simple and minimal, but also very dark. It’s totally different to other music I was listening to. After that I started to focus on post punk music which really formulated my taste and opened a door up to me.

TF: What inspired your name, Re-TROS? Also, what is the music scene like in China – has it been supportive over your time creating and performing music?

Re-tros is a short name of “Rebuilding The Rights of Statues”, there are two different meanings if you read this name in Chinese, a little bit like a word game. The music scene in China has been growing pretty fast since last two decades, a lot of new bands were starting to play different styles of music, and also there are a lot of venues/ festivals in China now, all a very good platform for all the young bands to show their music and taste to the audience, which is very cool.

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