The Nickajack Men, an award-winning quintet from Glasgow, have just released their brand spanking new single, Can’t Take It Anymore, which is out now via NJM Recordings.

Having been on the scene only since 2014 they’ve had a great deal of acclaim and The Fountain spoke with Lewis White about this new track of theirs, their forthcoming tour supporting The View and the Glasgow music scene.

TF: You must be excited about the release of your new single, Can’t Take It Anymore

Yeah its great to have another tune out! We love the recording and writing process so i suppose this is the final part of that. It’s great that people are starting to hear our music and really enjoy it, So that’s a great feeling!

TF: And to be supporting The View? That must be special? 

Yeah that was definitely special, especially being from Scotland. We all grew up listening to The View, some more than other but we have all been to a View show when we were younger! There fan base around Scotland is class, any town, city or village they play they will more than likely sell it out! Big thanks to them for having us out on their tour for a few shows!

TF: What music did you grow up listening to, formulating your taste and interest in music?

I grew up listening to a lot of Country and Alternative Country Rock stuff, the vast majority of it being from the US. Stuff like Deer Tick, Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash. My dad was always playing loads of stuff that i would pick up on and still love today. I’ve always had a mad interest in music and always enjoyed singing. There are some unbelievably talented bands from UK that also have influenced us a lot, bands such as Danny & The Champions of the world and Cherry Ghost. Both seriously talented bands!

TF: What inspired your name, The Nickajack Men? 

It basically came about because of the lyric “Delta Mama and Nickajack Man” from Shovels & Rope song Birmingham. We all love this song so much. Its so simple but the lyrics and harmonies really make it something special. But yeah we took it from the first line in that song!

TF: The music scene in Glasgow is pretty fierce huh – has it been supportive over your time creating and performing music? 

Yeah there is loads and loads of talent in Glasgow and a lot of cool bands. I think we kinda of feel like we struggle to really fit right into the music scene in Glasgow with our music touching so many genres. We have played some unreal shows in Glasgow and its become our main city but I wouldn’t say we are deep into the scene with other bands. We have just kind of done our own thing!

TF: And what are the forthcoming plans for The Nickajack Men, can we expect an EP or an album soon? 

We’ve been playing a lot of shows recently and have some new material were working on so hopefully it wont be too long before you hear something again from us! We released our Debut EP Wasting Away back in May. Hopefully we can fire out and album soon enough!

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