KYLYPSO are dropping their new EP, Soon Fun, on 24th November via Lost in the Manor, releasing single Cosmic Dolphins from the record.

The band took time to speak with The Fountain about what their fans can expect from this new EP and what is soon to follow for the band, hopefully it’s…”fun”.

TF: You must be ecstatic about the release of your new EP?

Segamega pumped to get it out. We are always please to release some new music into the wild to see how it fares.

TF: How would you sum it up in one sentence?

A big slow motion sneeze of psychedelic slick pop.

TF: Where did the inspiration come from for the name, Kylypso?

We wanted to name our band after something to do with Jacques Cousteau, Calypso is the name of his boat – but that is an entire music genre and also a character from a Greek myth. We loved the sound and vibe of the name – but thought we ought to have our own twist to it so added a few K’s and Y’s.

TF: What more can we expect from you in the near future – a full length LP?

Yes….we are gathering sounds together into a pile. Next year would be great as we have so many songs our computers can’t even look after that many more at this point. They must be born.

TF: Are you going to be touring soon, hitting Scotland at all?

We are working on some tour possibilities. Scotland would be a top priority…we love Scotland and [Rudi] – my Mum is from Scotland and my sister currently lives in Edinburgh….so even more reason for us to head North.

Soon Fun is out on 24th November via Lost in the Manor.